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Premium Custom Jewellery Box Packaging

Our exquisite designs, high-quality materials, and excellent craftsmanship ensure a luxurious and tailored presentation for your jewellery pieces. Create an unforgettable unboxing experience that reflects the sophistication and uniqueness of your brand, setting it apart in the world of fine jewellery.

Product Gallery

Explore our collection of stylish and functional jewellery packaging boxes. Upgrade your brand's presentation with our premium customized solutions.

Rigid Handmade Box

Rigid Handmade Box

Foldable Tuck Box

Foldable Tuck Box

Round Tube Box

Round Tube Box

Corrugated Mailer Box

Corrugated Mailer Box

Other Packaging

Other Packaging

Unique Features

Our packaging stands out for its uniqueness and elegance. Each box is a reflection of refinement and sophistication. We prioritize quality materials, innovative designs, and personalized touches, ensuring that every piece of jewellery is presented in a way that captivates and delights. Our boxes are manufactured for all types of jewellery items, for all types of businesses.

Highly Experienced

Benefit from our industry knowledge, tailoring packaging solutions to your demands.

Short Lead Time

Swift production processes guarantee your packaging is ready for market release.

Affordable Pricing

Experience premium packaging at reasonable rates, without compromising your budget.

Quality Control

Our quality checks ensure impeccable packaging that reflects superior craftsmanship.

Custom Packaging

About Jewlery Packaging

Our custom jewelry packaging is designed not just to encase these precious treasures but to boose their narrative. Crafted with attention to detail and a passion for elegance, our packaging solutions reflect the essence of your brand. We understand that each piece of jewelry holds value and deserves a presentation that captivates. From luxurious materials to innovative designs, every box tells a story, complementing the allure of your jewelry collection.

What Makes Our Jewellery Boxes Outstanding?

Our customised jewellery packaging boxes stand out for their unmatched quality, unique designs, and eco-friendly materials, making them the ideal choice for jewellery.

Competitive Pricing
Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing, with packaging products costing 30% to 40% less than the current market rates.

Direct Factory
Direct Factory

Manufacturing packaging products is cheaper than competitors, who may have middlemen involved.

Consultation & Expertise
Consultation & Expertise

With decades of experience, we provide consultancy & turning concepts into reality.

Zoom Meetings
Zoom Meetings

Conducting Zoom meetings to discuss projects with clients, making communication convenient.

Customize Your Own

Tailored customization, premium materials, and innovative designs converge to create bespoke jewellery packaging that elevates brand presentation and captivates customers' attention.

Solely Yours

Customize Your Own

Customize your jewellery packaging from our wide range of high-quality materials and give your products the premium finishing they deserve. Get your products a new look, better feel, and best quality.

Exclusively Superior

High-Quality Different Materials

Choose from a wide array of materials that suit your products. The materials we offer are of the highest quality ranging from paper, plastic, mylar, and corrugated, to much more.

Freshly Innovative

A Spectrum of Designs

Whether you want rigid, corrugated, foldable, or any other design, we have it for you. From concept to packaging, we customize your dream design.

Order Process

Streamlined order process & steps for acquiring your custom jewellery packaging, ensuring convenience and a seamless experience.


Collaborate with clients to define requirements & preferences.


Our experts bring your envisioned customizations to life.


Creating your custom jewellery packaging, as per order.

Place Your Order for Custom Jewellery Box Packaging!

Guaranteed Certified Quality

Mingyi Packaging Pvt Ltd takes quality very seriously. We believe in giving only the best to our clients. We are what we are today, only due to the consistent service we provide with the best of standards.

20+ Years of Experience

Our experienced professionals will make the process easier for you.

International Brand

Working with global brands have shaped us to give you the best!

100% Customer Service

We are here to assist you to make your idea a reality.

ISO, BSCI, FSC Certified

Guaranteed quality standards with certifications

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