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Paper Hang Tags & Stickers

For products that deserve unique labeling

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C1S Paper

Special Tech

Soft Touch Lamination, CMYK Printing


Clothing, Gifting, Cosmetics



Hand tag is another kind of high demand products since the early years of our company. We have the ability to produce all kinds of tags based on our customer’s needs. If there are lots of versions for the tags, we have an assembly line to divide them into different groups and tie the ribbons or accessories to the tags. We’d like to offer good quality hand tags at low prices to our clients. We will customize the perfect hand tag you need and help to make your business more profitable. Also, we have thousands of different hand-tag versions that you can choose from. You can get them from us in any design or color of your preference. If you need a customized hand tag, we offer professional service for that too!

What Makes Us Unique?

The exciting thing about MyBox Experts is that our packaging is highly customizable, and the clients have 100% freedom in choosing and designing the concept of packaging they require with the help of our professional team.


We have materials ranging from paper, plastic, Myra and many more.


From small to big and everything in between, we have it all.


A wide array of colors to match your brand theme


Make your dream design into a reality like you imagined!

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