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Wine and Alcohol

Premium packaging designs for your wines and alcohol products to make them even grander and deluxe in your local markets to surpass the competition.

What Do We Do?

Mingyi Packaging Pvt Ltd is the one-stop destination for you to create your unique and exclusive product packaging for your wine and alcohol brand. We provide the highest quality , and a range of custom options, so with our packaging, you can elevate your brand name further. As such, it is essential that every aspect of your packaging contributes to creating a strong impression on all potential customers. That is why we are here to help you. With our expert wine and alcohol product packaging service, you can add a memorable visual to your brand’s products. Our solution will help you create a unique impression among customers in whichever market you operate in

Our Work Gallery

Wine and Alcohol packaging done by our team.

What Makes Us Unique?

The exciting thing about Mingyi Packaging is that our packaging is highly customizable, and the clients have 100% freedom in choosing and designing the concept of packaging they require with the help of our professional team.


We have materials ranging from paper, plastic, Mylar and many more.


From small to big and everything in between, we have it all.


A wide array of colors to match your brand theme


Make your dream design into a reality like you imagined!

Where The Magic Happens

With over 200+ employees, Mingyi Packaging Pvt. Ltd. has been the place of magic where the production of premium packaging process happens. With 20 years of experience, while serving clients from a variety of industries, from all over the world, Mingyi Packaging Pvt Ltd. has been a trusted packaging partner for years. With our dedicated team and up-to-date technology, we have been successful in maintaining the quality and uniqueness of our products throughout.

How Qualified
Are We?

Our actions speak louder than words. And our awards and achievements speak for our actions. The certifications received by The Mingyi’s Packaging Team stand as proof of the years-long quality service we render to our clients. Over the course of the past few years, we are extremely privileged to have been awarded numerous awards and certificates for various outstanding performances we have shown. While our mission is to serve different industries with premium packaging options, we take pride in what we do, achieving milestone after milestone, proving that we are the best in the field for a long time.

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